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Coding Practice

If practice makes perfect - we can assume practice can make a developer

Coding Practice


We created a self-paced course that was built module by module in order to help you with your development career. 

The modules are built with step by step direction and videos that will help guide you in the right direction.

Once you learn a material the only way to get better is for you to practice.

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What you will be learning

As we build out chapters in this course, each chapter will be a project. Some of the projects that we build out will be portfolio worthy. Some will be just to solidify a concept. Nonetheless, you'll be learning as you go through the modules. Some of the concepts that were going to cover are going to be HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

How Are The Lessons Taught

Some of the lessons are taught in the form of video others are taught in the form of textual base. We tried to make the lessons as bite-sized as possible for you to learn.

Learn at your own pace

Learn at your own pace with the modules. Most modules will not need anymore than 1 hour of your time.

Community to ask questions

If you have questions you can use the free online community to ask. Maybe someone else also has that same question and you can search the archives.

Mobile Friendly

Download our iOS or Android app for mobile learning.

This course is currently free

Frequently Q & A

Who is Code Camp Design For?

We are here to make sure that you as a future student of a coding bootcamp are prepared and are exposed to the material here before you start.

Do you have an online community?

Yes we have an online community. An online community depending on your signup you will be invited to a general community or a cohort based community.

How long will I have access to the course

You will have access to your Code Camp course for life. There are no need for subscriptions to access. your lesson modules.

Do you have online tutors?

Yes we have online tutors. Based on your signup package you may have a session with our tutors included in the package. This course doesn't have any plans of where a tutor comes with it automatically. However tutors are available upon request and schedule.

Do you have any free course to see if I like your teaching style?

Yes we have a free HTML/CSS Projects course that we offer. Feel free to take it to see if you enjoy it.

Course curriculum

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