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We have communities if you are just getting ready to learn as well as communities for you to work on a project with other developers.


By joining one of our online communities you will be able to interact and share your thoughts and questions in a group setting.

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This community is designed to get you kick started into your learning journey. You can post your activity, get feedback on a project you are working on.
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Project Communties

If you are looking to polish your skills you can work on a common project together. You can find projects that are currently needing people to help with design, front-ed, or back-end. 

These communities would be best suited for those that have some coding experience from a bootcamp or some type of self learning.
Start ups come to us with their ideas
Getting an idea of a project is only the beginning. Individuals will come to us with their ideas concepts, and would like a group of people to help work on their project.
Resume Builders
Work on a project and start building your resume. When you're looking for a job, they are going to ask you for experience. When you join one of our project communities, this is giving you experience. You are able to put this work on your resume.

We Also Have Cohort Communities

When you join a bootcamp that we have partnered with you will gain access to a Cohort Community that belongs to that Bootcamp. You can purchase one of our communities and will be added to a community that has Instructors/Tutors in them from Pre Code Camp.