We help coding boot camps keep learners

Nothing is more frustrating than losing a learner due to the fact they can't keep up. It's an informational overload for some. But what if they had the time to sit down before the course started with a mentor with guided lessons and projects. We are building their confidence so they have what it takes to complete your course.

PreCodeCamp Understands the problem

Enhanced Student Preparedness

Our coaching service ensures that students are well-prepared before they even step into the classroom. By providing foundational coding knowledge, mentorship, and a supportive community, we significantly reduce the dropout rates. Bootcamps that partner with us see higher student retention and completion rates, as learners enter the program with confidence and a solid grasp of fundamental concepts

javascript fundamentals precodecamp

preCodeCamp provides live mentors

Ultimately, PreCodeCamp serves as the missing piece in the puzzle for aspiring Bootcamp participants. It bridges the gap between casual learning and the rigorous demands of a Bootcamp, ensuring a smoother transition and a stronger foundation. By pre-learning the material, individuals can enter Bootcamps more confidently, absorbing advanced concepts rather than grappling with the basics.

The language we teach you with is JavaScript, HTML, & CSS Fundamentals. It's a great base language to pick and not as strict when it comes to typing. Why is PreCodeCamp a good idea? Look at some of the key benefits below…

Building Good Study Habits Early

At PreCodeCamp we provide many services to your students to make sure that they are learning every day. We will always have something for them to do when they meet with their tutor. The projects in the course will help them think more like a programmer. Our goal is to provide them with the best foundation to make sure they are ready for their cohort to start.

Flexible Learning and Adaptability

We offer a flexible learning environment that accommodates different schedules and learning paces. This adaptability is crucial for students juggling multiple responsibilities, ensuring they remain engaged and committed to completing their bootcamp.

Seamless Onboarding Experience

We streamline the onboarding process by ensuring students have all necessary software and resources installed and configured before their bootcamp begins. This proactive approach minimizes technical issues and allows instructors to start teaching immediately, maximizing valuable classroom time.

Bridging Knowledge Gaps

Our coaching service identifies and addresses individual knowledge gaps before they become obstacles in the bootcamp. By providing tailored pre-bootcamp preparation, we ensure all students start on an even playing field, reducing frustration and increasing overall class performance.

Boosted Confidence and Motivation

Students who participate in our coaching program enter their bootcamp with heightened confidence and motivation. This positive mindset translates into better engagement, active participation, and a greater likelihood of achieving their career goals, reflecting well on the bootcamp’s success metrics.

Comprehensive Support Network

Our coaching service provides a robust support network through regular mentor meetings and an active online community. This comprehensive support ensures that students always have someone to turn to, fostering a collaborative and encouraging learning environment that enhances their bootcamp experience.

Customized Support and Continuous Improvement

Unlike generic online courses, our structured learning modules and active community provide personalized support tailored to each student's needs. We offer real-time assistance through our live mentors, addressing any coding issues promptly and effectively. This continuous support not only enhances the learning experience but also allows bootcamps to focus on advanced teaching, knowing their students have a strong foundational knowledge and ongoing assistance.

Testing and assessments

We have tests and quizzes throughout the modules that will give you instant feedback. These tests will give your camp tutor metrics and will help guide the discussion


As you progress through the modules you will earn points. These points can be redeemed by your Camp Tutor to unlock more modules.

Private Chat

Private chat with your instructor or tutor on the web or in the Mobile App.  Just keep in mind tutors and instructors need sleep as well.

We Fit Right In

When you have a learner sign up we help with the learning early on to make it easy for them to transition into your classroom. Let us be part of your learners journey. This allows us to assist with the onboarding process. We can ensure that the students have all the necessary software and resources installed before their boot camp starts. This minimizes technical issues and allows instructors to start teaching right away and maximizing valuable classroom time.


We take pride in making sure your learner is ready when your class starts. Mentors are a big part of that reason on why having this setup will yield success. We will issue challenges and grade projects that they completed in our course. You combine this with our online community and your students will experience an encouraging learning environment that will just add to their bootcamp experience.

Custom Online Communities

We create custom branded Online Communities that match your coding boot camp. This allows your learners to feel more part of your team while getting help and guidance from ours. Online community has the ability to post questions, take polls, and have channels like you would see in slack. They will have access to it on the web and mobile devices.

Message from the founder

Let me introduce myself my name is Rob VanArsdall. I'm a 12 Year Army Vet turned developer. I have taught students how to code for the past 4 years and have worked several development positions along the way. I have a passion for teaching went to college to teach secondary education and fell in love with Adult Learning. As for web development I'm still active in current projects where I hosts and maintain several websites that generate income: Army Flight Logbook (Web and Mobile), ScrapBooking Website (ScrappyDew), and PreCodeCamp

After teaching for 4 years in the Coding Bootcamp Arena, I noticed a pattern. Students would come into a bootcamp day 1 and either haven't been exposed to code or they didn't bother to do the prework that the coding bootcamp decided. And that is totally OK for some but for others it you are starting at a disadvantage. 

I asked myself why wouldn't a student do the prework? Maybe they got stuck and didn't know where to ask or how to find a solution. So that is why I created PreCodeCamp to help those that want to get exposed to code prior to starting a bootcamp.

Frequently Q & A

Who is Code Camp Design For?

We are here to make sure that you as a future student of a coding bootcamp are prepared and are exposed to the material here before they start.

Do you have an online community?

Yes we have an online community. An online community depending on the coding bootcamp you will be issued a community just for your learners.

How long will I have access to the course

Your students will have access to your Code Camp course for life. There are no need for subscriptions to access the course material.

Do you have online tutors?

Yes we have online tutors. Based on your signup package you may have a session with our tutors included in the package.

Explore our Customizable plans!

Let us help you increase your student retention.

Video and Mentor Package

Best Package for Student Experience


Features for Students/Learners
  • Unlimited Access to HTML/CSS Fundamentals

  • Unlimited Access to JavaScript Fundamentals

  • Unlimited Community Access

  • Access to Open Office Hours

  • Code Review

  • White Board Challenges

  • Chat with Mentor/Tutor

  • Monthly Workshops (Code Related)

  • iOS & Android App

Features for Boot Camp
  • Access to Student/Learner Reports

  • Ability to Add/Remove Students/Learners

  • Access to Online Community (Admin/Instructional Team)

  • Attendance Reporting

  • Making sure your Student/Learner has installations completed

  • Push Notifications to your cohorts

  • We have independent students that might be a good fit for your program

HTML Basics

No chapter found in this course

CSS Basics

No chapter found in this course

JavaScript Fundamentals

No chapter found in this course

Office Hour Sessions

  • We are making sure you have all the downloads needed in order to start the course. We also want to ensure that you have access to the Discord Community. Before we leave the meeting we will make sure we schedule the next one.

  • We will give you a quiz based on the content that you have gone through. We will ask you to share your screen and we will test your ability to code on command. We will tell you what to type but tell it to you in a code challenge. “Example: create a variable and name it firstname. Assign that variable a string.”

    This will prepare you for your actual boot camp with your instructor or teacher assistant. This will make their job easier when they are debugging with you.

  • We will have several coding challenges for you to complete. This will teach you how to code with someone watching. We are checking for your logical thinking.

  • We will throw you bugs in the code and have you try to fix it. We will test your debugging skills.


We give you challenges throughout the course and here are just a few challenges to try out while you are going through the course. These are just a few of many examples of challenges.
  • Who’s Older (Conditionals)

  • Calculate Bowling Averages (Arrays)

  • Temp Conversations (Functions)

  • Family Member Count, Average Age..etc (Loops)

  • Lottery Number Generator (Random, Arrays)


You will be able to access our student notes and reporting section. That way you can keep tabs on your new students and the progress they are making. Any time a student reports to a tutor it will be added to their note section.
  • Attendance Reporting

  • Student Progress

  • Specialized Notes for Instructional Staff

  • Tutor’s Recommendations