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JavaScript Fundamentals

Taking this course before any other bootcamp puts you ahead of your peers.

JavaScript Fundamentals

Our Success Story

We created a self-paced course that was built module by module in order to help you with your development career. You will have an advantage over your peers if you go through this course.
The course is jam-packed with introductory material, code-a-long videos, and challenges that will test your knowledge.
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Bridging the Gap Between YouTube and Structured Learning

YouTube tutorials and platforms like Udemy are fantastic resources, no doubt. They offer a plethora of information, tips, and tricks, but they often lack the structured approach necessary for foundational understanding. PreCodeCamp fills this void by offering a structured online course with live tutors, Discord networking groups, and hands-on challenges to reinforce learning.
Ultimately, PreCodeCamp serves as the missing piece in the puzzle for aspiring Bootcamp participants. It bridges the gap between casual learning and the rigorous demands of a Bootcamp, ensuring a smoother transition and a stronger foundation. By pre-learning the material, individuals can enter Bootcamps more confidently, absorbing advanced concepts rather than grappling with the basics.

What We Do

Weekly Tutor Sessions

You will have the opportunity to meet individually or as a group with one of our tutors. You will get vouchers to use with them.

Keep you Motivated

Our social community is there for you to engage, learn, and network with others that are in your same category

Constant Learning

You’ll get lifetime access to the video on demand for JavaScript Fundamentals. Watch and rewatch anytime you want.

Access to Work on real projects

PreCodeCamp works with people or business that have a need. We link up qualified students giving them real world experience to put on their resume. However you must complete a bootcamp and pass the competency exam.


With our video lessons we have coding challenges where we will give you a video walkthrough on how to complete it. For some challenges you are to figure it out and if you need help or signed off on the project that is a perfect opportunity to meet with your Camp Guide.


At the end of the course you will get a certificate that you will be able to put on your LinkedIn profile page. This will show other bootcamps as well as employers that you are investing in yourself.

Testing and assessments

We have tests and quizzes throughout the modules that will give you instant feedback. These tests will give your camp tutor metrics and will help guide the discussion


As you progress through the modules you will earn points. These points can be redeemed by your Camp Tutor to unlock more modules.

Private Chat

Private chat with your instructor or tutor on the web or in the Mobile App.  Just keep in mind tutors and instructors need sleep as well.

Let us help you on your coding journey

Getting a head start today, means you will not be playing catchup when your bootcamp starts.
There are reasons why a learner will get discouraged when they enter a bootcamp, we are here to make sure you are successful while holding you accountable.

Frequently Q & A

Who is Code Camp Design For?

We are here to make sure that you as a future student of a coding bootcamp are prepared and are exposed to the material here before you start.

Do you have an online community?

Yes we have an online community. An online community depending on your signup you will be invited to a general community or a cohort based community.

How long will I have access to the course

You will have access to your Code Camp course for life. There are no need for subscriptions to access. your lesson modules.

Do you have online tutors?

Yes we have online tutors. Based on your signup package you may have a session with our tutors included in the package.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes we have payment plans, we are not out to break the bank. We are providing you with a full service with this package and having access to tutors and the community.

Do you have any free course to see if I like your teaching style?

Yes we have a free HTML/CSS Projects course that we offer. Feel free to take it to see if you enjoy it.

Our Pricing

We have several plans that can help any budget. You are saving money the lower you go on frequency of payments that you go. Normally a program like this would cost you $1500 however we are offering this to you for $580. However if you are able to pay upfront we give you an $80 in savings.

$100 Upfront + 8 months of

8 x Easy Payments
Payments Start 30 days after $100 payment
Access to the JavaScript Course
Mobile App Access
Social Community Access
5 Hours of Tutor Vouchers

3 x Monthly Payments of

3 x Payments 
Savings of $55
Access to JavaScript Course
5 Hours of Tutor Vouchers
Mobile App Access
Social Community Access

1 x Payment

1 Payment Savings
Access to Javascript Course
6 Hours of Tutor Vouchers
Mobile App Access
Social Community Access

Course curriculum

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